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Singer/songwriter Frank Nelsen has been playing guitar since 6th grade. His parents were dance teachers, so the home was always filled with music; country, dance tunes, and popular music on the radio. College years were very inspiring as he learned folksongs,  blues and popular music from many musician/friends at UW-O, music teachers, and the contemporary bands of the 60's and 70's. He was playing guitar/-folk music in coffee houses of Milwaukee and some college events by 1970 . Serious songwriting began about this time. He bought a martin D-28.   

     Mid 70's saw a surge of country music and he played upright bass in a bluegrass band called

''Kit Carson and the Scouts''.  He also played guitar and dobro with the 3 piece acoustic group called ''Stillwater'', who played the LaCrosse area and was asked to perform on an FM 1 hour radio show.

    In 1979 he formed a full electric band, ''Airmail Special'', a 5 piece group, complete with sound man and light show. It was an R&B focused group playing powerful Blues/Rock songs with an occasional jazz or swing tune. Frank played fretless electric bass and sang lead vocals, wrote some songs recorded by the group and did all the booking for 6 years.  1985 to 1986 was the year of studio work for a local songwriter; arranging tunes, stylizing melodies, and recording demos. Out of that studio group the band ''Touch & Go'' was formed and they played the variety rock &roll and wedding band circuit for another 6 years. The year 2000 saw the birth of North Coast Jazz Project. Frank plays bass and books the group presently with a number of different musicians filling the various venues.  Today the songwriting and performing continues with the acoustic guitar duo, '' Acoustic Remedy'',  who now have a live DVD available.  Frank has written about 20 songs copyrighted as 'Franklin'.     contact info: